Millennial/Gen-z business partners asking fashion “what’s the plan darling?”


Greek-British queer femme, fledgling journalist, Athens-born but London bound: I’m Eliza (pronounced El-EE-za, not El-AI-za).

My sartorial kryptonite is denim; unashamed lover of jumpsuits, androgynous padded shoulders, spangled disco mini-dresses, and the contentious dad sneaker (I’m talking to you, Balenciaga).

Gender bending style, with the perpetual aim to look effortless.

A Colombian alien fascinated by fashion it’s rules and how to break them, you can call me MP hun.

Now, style wise…

Preppy knock-of Chanel in the morning. Hipster shirt and high-waisted jeans in the afternoon. Urban, coming out of a Kanye listening party, at 5. The most extra at midnight to go clubbing. Bella Hadid eat your heart out!